Clamp-On Mixer 

Clamp-On Series

The FluidPro PS-10 Clamp-On Series are designed for many and varied applications such as blending liquid ingredients, maintain solids in suspension or disperse powders into liquids, all from the one versatile mixer.  Clamp-on series Agitators can be fitted quickly and effectively to most open top tanks. You can turn a basic storage facility into a cost effective, efficient mixing vessel.

The heavy duty FluidPro PS-10 Clamp system allows you to use one vessel for multiple duties. This mounting clamp easily adjusts to allow shaft entry angle variation from 90º vertical and 360º horizontal for optimum mixing positioning. They feature nosecone with pressed-in bearing form maximum shaft support, combine this with larger shaft diameters for a robust and reliable installation.

The FluidPro PS-10 Clamp-On Series are used in many applications, proving cost effective solutions in liquid blending, chemical mixing, cosmetics industry, water treatment, food & beverage, liquid fertiliser blending, wastewater PH correction, product re suspension  and achieving homogenous uniform quality product mixtures. 

Completely portable, durable and robust the FluidPro PS-10 Clamp mount mixer includes the following features to ensure consistent dependable product quality to the end user. Light weight aluminium clamp assembly, Australian designed and manufactured, heavy duty Nosecone assembly providing shaft support bearing, integrated quick release shaft coupling.

  • 415v 3 phase
  • 240v Single phase
  • Flameproof
  • Choice of impeller design
  • Variable Speed Drive
  • Pneumatic motor
  • 0.37kw Electric Motor, IP56 totally enclosed
  • High efficient axial flow Fluidfoil impeller
  • Total unit weight 22kgs
  • Suitable for product viscosity up to 2500 cPs