Dispersion Mixers 

Dispersion Mixer Series

FluidPro Dispersion Mixers rotate at high RPMs to facilitate the quick impartation of solids into solution. A dispersion mixer works on the priciple of energy transfer.  The solids and liquids are drawn down into contact with the dispersion blade by the suction it generates and as the solids/liquids moves outward to flow over the dispersion disc creating an increase in velocity and shear force necessary to break the agglomerations into increasingly smaller particles. High Speed Dispersers are ideal for dispersion's that are up to a maximum of approx. 50,000 centipoise.

Typically used in paints and inks, high shear mixer blades are now being used in a variety of industries for increased efficiency  

Designed and manufactured in Australia the FluidPro top entering dispersion mixers are a low maintenance, durable, robust and versitlie mixer. These mixers can be manufaured from meterials like Titaium, Stainless steel, and super duplex alloys. Whatever your mixing needs, FluidPro has your solution.

  • Expolsion proof motors (EXD)
  • Pneumatic drives
  • High flow cavitation discs
  • 4 - 150kw Electric motors
  • Standard IP56 protection
  • Dynamically balanced tapered shaft design