Drum Mixer

Drum Mixers Series

FluidPro DM-50 Series heavy duty drum mixers are designed for most 200L drums with 2” bung openings. They are Australian designed and manufactured by FluidPro. These versatile pneumatic mixers are capable of blending a wide range of liquid mixing applications with a low to medium  viscosity range. The pneumatic  motor is angled toward the centre of the drum to allow clearance for the folding blades and maintain optimal agitation within the drum.  Weighing in at less than 5kg the complete mixer assembly easily transfers from drum to drum in just seconds.

The FluidPro DM-50 Drum mixer Series are used in many applications, proving simple cost effective solutions in liquid blending, chemical mixing, cosmetics industry, water treatment, food & beverage, liquid fertiliser blending, wastewater PH correction, product re suspension and achieving homogenous uniform quality product mixtures. 

Lightweight,compact, quick to install, durable and robust with folding turbines designed to reduce mixing time. All wetted parts are made from 316 stainless steel
  • ​Open and closed drum variations
  • 415v 3phase electric
  • 240v single phase electric
  • Stainless steel rigid shaft coupling
  • ​0.2-1.4kw Pnuematic Motor
  • 4 x Folding blades, provides radial flow agitation
  • Stainless steel support housing
  • Stainless steel rigid shaft coupling