Series DM10 IBC tote mixer is a unique range of fluid mixing equipment designed for mixing and blending liquid products. These IBC (Intermediate Bulk Containers) often known as plastic totes have revolutionised the way liquids are stored and transported, combined the Series DM10 to make a cost effective tote mixing system. We supply a range of models suitable for a variety of applications. More.

FluidPro Clamp-On Series agitators can be fitted quickly and simply to most open top tanks. You can turn a basic storage facility into an efficient fluid mixing vessel.
Use one vessel for multiple duties with variable speed, electric or pneumatic drives. Designed for blending ingredients, maintain solutions in suspension or disperse powders into liquids, all from the one adaptable clamp mount mixer.
Mounting clamp easily adjusts to allow shaft entry angle variation for optimum mixing position. more

FluidPro  DM50 Series heavy duty drum mixer design for 2” bung mounts, these versatile pneumatic mixers are capable of blending a wide range of liquid mixing applications. The motor is angled toward the centre of the drum to maintain optimum agitation. Weighing in at less than 5kg the complete mixer assembly easily transfers from drum to drum in just seconds. more

Fluidpro Top Entry Series agitators are capable of handling some of the largest fluid mixing applications in the industry. A modular concept that is robust in design, this range offers fluid mixing solutions designed for open, closed and fully sealed vessels.
Each application is carefully considered taking into account individual fluid mixing process requirements.
Our customised tank mixer design software provides accurate solutions for each individual fluid mixing equipment application.
Every design has been extensively tested to determine the fluid flow characteristics to allow an optimised selection. more

Side Entry Series SE10 Fluidpro Fluid Mixing Equipment, High Efficiency Side Entry Mixers are specially designed for agitation of large process and storage tanks. Applications include liquid blending, solids in suspension, heat transfer (optimises refrigeration efficiency) and mass transfer. Fluidfoil Series AF70 high efficiency axial flow impeller provides amore economical energy saving solutions. more

FluidPro Inline Static Mixers are used for in situ mixing of liquids in a pipeline. Inline Mixers are used to blend two or more liquids into a continuous pipeline. These simple low maintenance and reliable mixers are installed in a wide variety of applications from water treatment,food processing, chemical processes including oil refining applications.

FluidPro Static Mixers are designed specifically to suit your application, involving low viscosity fluids, high viscosity fluids, corrosive liquids and various chemicals. We have the optimised design for your inline blending process.​​ more

FluidPro Dispersion Mixers rotate at high RPMs to facilitate the quick impartation of solids into solution. A dispersion mixer works on the priciple of energy transfer.  The solids and liquids are drawn down into contact with the dispersion blade by the suction it generates and as the solids/liquids moves outward to flow over the dispersion disc creating an increase in velocity and shear force necessary to break the agglomerations into increasingly smaller particles. High Speed Dispersers are ideal for dispersion's that are up to a maximum of approx. 50,000 centipoise.​​ more

The FluidPro Inline Emulsifier is an efficient, versatile and mobile mixer that is designed suit your specific mixing needs. Designed and Manufactured in Australia this inline emulsifier is a stand out in its class! All components being 316 stainless steel this Inline Mixer is built to last. more

FluidPro has the design capabilities to provide design layouts for mixers and agitators systems within new and existing plants taking into consideration all current production processes. Fluid Mixing Solutions from simple mix tank packages through to full integration of operation and controls with existing equipment. Allowing the entire package to be engineered and sourced from one supplier has inherent advantages. Seamless project management helps to reduce installation time and provides end user satisfaction. more

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