Inline Static Mixers 

Static Inline Mixers

FluidPro Inline SM20 Static Mixer Series are used for in situ mixing of liquids in both pipes and channels. These simple low maintenance  mixers have been carefully designed to provide highly efficent mixing environment. Quality mixing solutions help reduce the consumption of chemicals by eliminating overdosing contributed by poor mixing. Fluidpro static mixers are installed in a wide variety of applications from water treatment,food processing, chemical processes including oil refining applications.

FluidPro Inline Mixers are designed specifically to suit your application, involving low viscosity fluids, high viscosity fluids and corrosive chemicals. This type of mixer is made up by a series of mixing elements that are fixed to the pipe/tube shell. The mixing elements are a series of baffles made from either stainless steel, titanium, polypropylene, teflon, kynar and polyacetal. FluidPro inline static mixers have no moving parts meaning they are maintence free and can be installed where external power is not available.  Designs are optimised for your inline blending process using our Fluid Mixer Design software to produce accurate solutions for your fluid mixing application.
FluidPro Inline SM20 Static Mixer Series are used in a wide variety of applications from water treatment,Polymer blending,food processing, chemical blending, PH control and liquid blending  including oil refining applications.  

Robust design, sanitary construction, easy maintence, interchangble work heads, low cost, no moving parts.

  •  Stainless Steel 
  •  PVC models available
  • Varies connections (flange or threaded)
  • Removable element for sanitary designs
  • ø25 - 1000mm  diameter
  • injection ports
  • Various  Element configurations