Side Entry  Mixer

Side Entry Mixers Series

FluidPro Series SE-10 side entry mixers combine over 40 years of fluid mixing technology. Designed specifically with
the high efficiency FluidFoil impellors,FluidPro Series SE-10 side entry mixers provide the most productive method of
converting energy into fluid motion in large storage tanks and process vessels.Series SE-10 side entry agitators are
ideally suited for fluid of low to medium viscosity.
Designed to move liquid away from the tank to create a uniform turnover of tank contents. Fluidfoil Series AF70 high
efficiency axial flow impellors provide maximum pumping and thrust for maximum agitation, resulting improved production

The FluidPro SE10 High Efficiency Side Entry Mixers are used in many applications include blending, solids in suspension, heat transfer (optimises refrigeration efficiency) and mass transfer. Other key Industries with applications that require the FluidPro SE10 series mixers are the wine industry, chemical mixing, cosmetics industry, water treatment, food & beverage, liquid fertiliser blending, wastewater PH correction, product re suspension and vessel cleaning.  

Designed and manufactured in Australia FluidPro provides robust side entry mixer solutions. The housing is constructed of stainless steel, available in both angular and straight design. A specialised range of FluidPro tank mounting flanges are available with contoured compensation flanges fabricated specifically to suit tank diameters. Fluidfoil impellor designs are highly efficient and optimised to provide maximum pumping with minimal operation costs. Mechanical seals are selected specifically for each individual application. FluidPro provides a clean design solution, with all wetted parts from 316 stainless as standard. 

  • Various tank mounting plate designs
  • Mechanical seals suit applications
  • Hygienic designs for pharmaceutical installations
  • Improved safety motor for flamable goods environments
  • Available drives from 0.37- 11kw
  • ​High efficient axial flow Fluidfoil impeller
  • Keyed impellor hubs for secure shaft attachment
  • IP56 standard motor protection