Top Entry Mixer

Top Entry Tank Mixer Series

The Fluidpro Top Entry Series agitators are capable of handling some of the largest applications in the industry. A modular concept that is robust in design, this range offers tank mixing solutions designed to suit open, closed and fully sealed vessels.
Each application is carefully considered taking into account individual process mixing requirements. Our customised tank mixer design software provides accurate solutions for each individual application.

Options include duplex alloy shafts, keyed impellor hubs, a range of gear drives, and varied impellers designs available specially selected to encompass any mixing need.Every design has been extensively tested to determine the fluid flow characteristics to allow an optimised selection.

The FluidPro Top Entry Mixers are used in many applications including blending solids in suspension, sewerage and watsewater, wine industry, chemical mixing, cosmetics industry, water treatment, food & beverage, liquid fertiliser blending, mineral processing, product re suspension and vessel cleaning.   

Designed and manufactured in Australia the FluidPro top entry mixers are a low maintenance, durable, robust and versitlie mixer. These mixers can be manufaured from meterials like Titaium, Stainless steel, and super duplex alloys. Whatever your mixing needs, FluidPro has your solution.
  • ​​Various mounting plate designs
  • Mechanical seals for pressure applications
  • Hygienic designs for pharmaceutical installations
  • Improved safety motor for flamable goods environments
  • Available drives from 0.37- 100kw
  • ​High efficient axial flow Fluidfoil impeller
  • Keyed impellor hubs for secure shaft attachment
  • IP56 standard motor protection